About Me

When I decided to create my first blog, I couldn’t think of a name for it because of how varied I wanted the content to be. I wanted to be able to share the fun and exciting things that happen, adventures I stumble through and the cultures I wanted to delve into. I wanted it to be a motto, something that when I read the title i felt excitement.

When I scribbled down “Explore Life Always” it really stuck with me, Shouldn’t that be something that we all do every day. We should be living every day like its our last and make the most of every second. Exploring ourselves as well as the world around us. Getting to know people beyond the front they put forwards and open up the world to a bit more kindness and love. I am just one person, I know that I am not going to change the world, but if I can change one persons world, even if just for a day. Then writing this blog will be worth every moment I have spent on it.

So a little bit about myself. My name is Shane, I am.. lets say in my 30’s… I am a Brit living in the USA, Orlando to be precise. One of the busiest tourist destinations in the USA.

Ever since I was a kid I have always been fascinated by what else is out there in the world… but it wasn’t until my first job when I met a wonderful young women who had spent her entire life backpacking, she talked to me about everything she has experienced in the 14 years she spent all over the globe, the people she met and the food she ate, she started to encourage me to go and explore the world… Back packing was something I had never thought about.

She had just pulled back the blindfold showing me that the world isn’t just what I saw in textbooks and on the TV screen, but an actual place that I could explore, touch and taste. That was it, the wanderlust seed had been planted in my brain… I could feel the roots weaving their way through my body with such energy that I felt more alive in that moment than ever before. I started purchasing travel books, looking into work visas, plane tickets and exchange rates. My parents, my wonderful supportive parents told me to do what ever I wanted as long as I was happy, live your dreams and be safe. My mum being the worrier added the last part. They still tell me to this day “do what makes you happy.”

Two years of saving almost every penny, I was figuring out what was next…then it happened, the slight damper on the plans. We were moving to the USA… the opposite direction to which I had been hoping to travel. But still it was something different, i was excited.

We arrived in the USA… I wasn’t as excited any more, I was sad… for reasons I now can’t even remember. I spent 6 months trying to find a job and when I finally did I ended up putting 10 years of my life into the company… the wanderlust that had bloomed inside me wilted and started to shrivel up. I am lucky enough that I work in a multicultural area and I still got to learn so much about people from all over the world. Making friends from Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand. Germany, France and Italy. All the countries I was longing to visit.

I won’t forget the day I woke up and felt an ache… to go somewhere, anywhere… just hop on a flight. That was, I think the last push of energy from the part of my brain holding onto the wanderlust. It was a tiny spark 3 years ago… but it was enough to reignite the fire inside of me longing to get out there. But now I am older with bills, a dog and my fantastic significant other, whom I love so much. I had to figure out ways to fuel that spark… maybe read other blogs, books, watch TV shows, cook exotic food… oh my the food. I will eat anything once.

I am determined to travel, whether is local, international or (hopefully one day) backpacking for a few weeks in Europe (one can dream).

This blog is about me, written from the heart, it is not just about travel, it is about life… and trying to make it the best, even when it feels like the worst. Because by definition “Explore” means so much more than travel. Its about investigating and diving deep into something new. So why can’t life be something we investigate always.

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