A life lived

The beauty in a life well lived, in my opinion, is to be remembered with a smile. Remembered with love and kindness. When people remember you, they feel your presence in their heart and they smile. The memories are what we leave behind. We don’t remember the bad times we remember the good… we have to remember the good. Recently I lost a family friend, it was not unexpected, but it was too soon. It is always too soon. Every life is cut too short, whether you are 105 or 60… your life is too short… we know this. EVERYONE knows this. But still we spend our time worrying about what others think of us, what the perception is and are we normal enough. Why does this matter? it is YOUR life and YOU deserve to be happy… because when you are happiest is when you share your love, your light, with the dark world others are trapped in.

I am starting to realize that the perfect ice breaker question when you meet new people is “What would you do if everyone else’s opinion didn’t matter?”, either you catch the other person completely off guard or they talk with so much passion and excitement that you learn something new and break down barriers.

When ever I pass, I want to be remembered as someone who was happy, smiling and full of love. Love builds a connection that transcends everything else.

There is such sadness in death, a loss of the physical being. The pain of knowing we won’t get to see their smile, hear their laugh or hold them again. That is the loss. The heartache we feel is so deep… and that is ok. Grief is ok. Crying is ok… it lets us release our emotions and let the pain out… when we are able to release the pain we find space the to love.

We still have memories, we have their love eternally and friendship indefinitely.

Hug your friends. Hug your family. Laugh a lot, laugh loud, take photos, videos and most importantly love… love deeply…