The past doesn’t define you.

Everyone has a past… No one is exempt from having one.

As cliche as it sounds, your past doesn’t define who you are. But the trick is moving through the past, processing it, taking the lessons and moving on stronger and with more focus

The crazy thing about the mind is it’s ability to hide trauma, fog over hurtful memories and trick you into believing what you think will protect you. Until one day when you are an adult… those barriers break down, you hear a story, see a photo or read a blog… and that’s it. The blockade disappears… you see it all, the past in it’s ugly, painful, hurtful, raw honesty. But this is where you have to choose, do you face the past and process it (probably with the help of a licensed therapist)… or do you try and sweep it away again.

That’s really the choice… examine and learn or tuck away and hide. By hiding the past we don’t address it… and in your subconscious you let it define you. Those lessons get over shadowed by excuses “Oh I can’t work out, I have bad knees”, “eating junk food is cheaper”, “oh he didn’t mean that, it was an accident”, “she was just angry because of work, it won’t happen again”… by using these excuses we validate our unhealthy relationship with food, the spouse who is physically or mentally abusing you, the lack of physical activity in a day. Then we find ourselves destined to repeat those same steps again and again without truly without learning how to grow.

When we move through our past, learn from it and we evolve into a state of true understanding for ourselves and what we have been through, that’s when we can find the compassion to love ourselves, with our cuts and bruises. There is beauty in us all and that comes from the power hidden in your past. That power is waiting just the other side of the shadows. Find the light.